12th Energy Storage World Forum, Rome

Dal 08-Ottobre-2019 Al 10-Ottobre-2019

Speakers from 16 Utilities, 2 IPPs, 2 C&Is, 7 Regulators from 19 countries

The 12th Energy Storage World Forum: 8-10 October 2019, Rome (Hotel Parco dei Principi, via del Pattinaggio) will feature speakers from 16 Utilities, 2 IPPs, 2 C&Is and 7 Regulators from 19 countries, with 36 new researched topics on Energy Storage!

Join them for a fun-filled evening at the Pool Deck of Sheraton Roma Hotel on 8 Oct 2019 for a Gala Dinner to mingle with more attendees from companies such as TENNET, TRANSNET, TERNA, EKZ, KEPCO and UKRENERGO.

Benefits Of Attending The 12th ESWF

1. Partake in a highly selective networking session with EVPs, CTO, Heads, Directors of Energy Storage across companies in Germany, United Kingdom, France, Spain, Italy amongst others;

2. Gain insights on operational projects from TRANSNET, EKZ, EDF, KEPCO, ENEL, TENNET, TERNA, ESB, E.ON, 50 HERTZ, RTE, RED ELECTRICA and many others;

3. Obtain clear understanding on the evolution of Regulations to capture all the value from storage technology with 7+ Regulators in a Masterclass;

4. Create a profitable business model for Value Stacking approaches by analysing different revenue streams;

5. Examine Technological Innovations and learn directly from 20 end users with results on Energy Storage Technologies to guarantee reliable electricity;

6. Gain competitive advantage by connecting with like-minded peers in private Breakfast With The Utilities and Breakfast With The Investors;

7. 40+ global speakers, 36+ strategic case studies, 3 Panel Discussions, 3 Masterclasses, 2 private Breakfast sessions, 1 BA P to provide you with ample opportunities to get your problems solved!

Download the full programme of the Conference here