Launch of the Elite UPS brand: more energy efficiency for critical applications

Uninterruptible Power Supplies (or UPSs) are the safety net widely used by individuals or companies who want to protect their processes from grid failure: they provide immediate power supply until the grid, or any other source of power like a generator, can take over. Without UPS, most of the world as we know it today would not run. The quest for more energy efficiency has always been a driver of the UPS market given the importance of energy costs for their users. It was translated in 2006 into a voluntary agreement between main manufacturers and the Joint Research Center (JRC) of the European Commission and updated in 2021. Today, manufacturers go one step further with the launch of the Elite UPS trademark. What’s new for the Code of Conduct for UPS ? Every category of UPS saw its energy efficiency requirements improve with sometimes huge gaps between 2011 & 2021 values. It reflects the continuing efforts made by manufacturers to improve their products. A two step approach has also been introduced: beyond new minimal requirements, the CoC now mentions « elite level » requirements which will be mandatory in order to be compliant with the Code of Conduct for #Datacenters which is now a requirement of the european Green Taxonomy. Elite UPS trademark : a tool to drive the market towards more energy efficiency UPS manufacturers members of CEMEP together decided to create a distinctive trademark to help customers recognize the highest performing products made by companies active in Europe, now mandatory in order to comply with the requirements of the Code of Conduct for data centers.  Beyond energy efficiency ! Members of CEMEP EUROPE UPS have added new priorities to their solutions beyond #energyefficiency and #durability: #UPS must now be compatible with circular economy models and be able to support the grid. Members of CEMEP UPS are more than ever committed to making power smart, secure & sustainable. Discover the commitments of manufacturers in their Manifesto : LabelEliteUpsManifesto Christophe Jammes Michele Venturini Marc Jasinski Luca Franzan Rolf Winter Eaton Schneider Electric Socomec Group Vertiv Riello UPS France Datacenter